Delaware Association for Healthcare Quality
2013-2014 Priorities outline

Membership Goals: Increase membership by 20%; Assess trends in retention rates and improve current rate or meet or exceed a retention rate of  75%
  • Membership Activities: Assess trends in membership; Promote member benefits; Recruit volunteers to support operations; Optimize and Increase communications; Create DAHQ Speakers list and post on the Web site; Investigate the feasibility of funding virtual meeting opportunities

Strategic Alliances Goal: Establish relationships and align DAHQ efforts with other healthcare associations/ organizations including DEHA
  • Strategic Alliances Activities: Develop and strengthen new partnerships through increased visibility, participation and marketing;  Participate and influence public policy, regulation and accreditation; Consider soliciting sponsorships to underwrite educational offering costs

Leadership Goals: to promote professional growth and development of members through leadership opportunities within DAHQ, strategic alliances, and NAHQ
  • Leadership Activities: Re-design website to leverage strategic goals;  Implement Transition Guide for Board members; Strengthen nominating process; Maintain member recognition process; Update current DAHQ bylaws; Provide opportunities for sharing knowledge with general members, strategic  alliances, and national affiliates

Education Goal: To provide educational opportunities to membership and other partners.
  • Education Activities: Investigate and offer the CPHQ study course (independently or  in collaboration with another state organization); communicate opportunities for CPHQ study offerings; Offer  annual education conference; Provide a minimum of 3 educational presentations to the general membership 

DAHQ Board Approved Strategic Goals and Associated Key Activities


President             Sherri Hobbs Coverdale, MSN, RN
Treasurer      Valerie Starrett RN, MSN, CPHQ 
Secretary       Linda Daniel, RN, MSN, CPHQ
Imm. Past-President Michele Campbell  RN, MSM, CPHQ, FABC
Member at Large - NCC        open
Member at Large - Kent          Cheryl Rogers RN, CPHQ
Member at Large - Sussex     Ann Smith, RN, CPHQ
Education Committee      Valerie Starrett, RN, MSN, CPHQ